Clinical Trials

STOP-CP in children e. V.

Jensen A (2017)
‘Seal of Excellence’, Horizon 2020, European Commission
‘Implementation of the first stem cell based treatment for infantile cerebral palsy in Europe’
Project proposal 805781, STOP-CP, SMEInst-05-2016-2017

Jensen A, Neuhäuser G, Jensen KO (2019)
Growth variables and brain damage at birth predict developmental disability at four years of age: A basis for individual preschool support
Ann Pediatr. 2019; 2(1): 1017.

Growth variables predict disability PDF 1,8MB

Jensen A (2019)
Pediatric Stroke and Cell-Based Treatment – Pivotal Role of Brain Plasticity
Journal of Stem Cell Research and Transplantation – Austin Publishing Group, May 2019

Pediatric Stroke and Cell-Based Treatment – Pivotal Role of Brain Plasticity PDF 4,2MB

Jensen A (2018)
STOP-CP in children!
Government Europa Quarterly, 25, 2 pages, May 2018

STOP-CP in children! PDF 338KB

Jensen A (2018)
Cord blood stem cells for brain repair
Health Europa Quarterly, O5, 1 page, May 2018

Cord blood stem cells for brain repair PDF 209KB

Jensen A, Holmer B (2018)
White matter damage in 4,725 term-born infants is determined by head circumference at birth: The missing link
Obstetrics and Gynecology International, vol. 2018, Article ID 2120835, 12 pages, 2018

Jensen A, Hamelmann E (2016)
First Autologous Cord Blood Therapy for Pediatric Ischemic Stroke and Cerebral Palsy Caused by Cephalic Molding during Birth: Individual Treatment with Mononuclear Cells.
Case Reports in Transplantation, vol. 2016, Article ID 1717426, 9 pages, 2016:
[doi:10.1155/2016/1717426 ]

Jensen A (2014)
Autologous Cord Blood Therapy for Infantile Cerebral Palsy: From Bench to Bedside,
Obstet Gynecol Int vol.2014,12p

Jensen A, Hamelmann E (2013)
First Autologous Cell Therapy of Cerebral Palsy Caused by Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Damage in a Child after Cardiac Arrest—Individual Treatment with Cord Blood.
Case Reports in Transplantation vol. 2013, Article ID 951827, 6 pages:
[ ]

Jensen A (2011)
Erste Therapie eines kindlichen hypoxischen Hirnschadens mit Zerebralparese nach Herzstillstand? – Heilversuch durch autologe Nabelschnurstammzell-Transplantation
Regenerative Medizin 2011;4(1):30-31:

Jensen A (2009)
Stammzellen aus Nabelschnurblut heilen kindlichen Hirnschaden
Top Magazin Ruhr, Wissenschaft – Medizin 2009;23(4):80-81

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Peri/intraventricular haemorrhage: a cranial ultrasound study on 5286 neonates
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